Transformational Program

Transformational Program is designed to walk you through the process you take to get the results for personal growth with easy hacks you will take control of your mind and how you deal with life

It’s an easy online course with videos and handouts to help education and training which can be done at your own pace and own place.

Or we can take you step by step through our program with support on Zoom meetings etc. We here to help.

Here a outline of our Professional Transformational Program

1; COMMUNICATION, LISTENING; Active Listening, Reflective Listening (Paraphrasing), Empathetic Listening

2; SETTING GOALS; Setting Long-Term Goals, Drive: Why do you want it? Monthly Milestones, 60-Day Plan, 1-Month Plan, Weekly and Daily Planning, Having a Big Enough Reason, Removing Cues and Triggers, Creating a Reward System

3; CORE MODELS AND PROCESSES; Wheel of Life, The GROW Model, The HEART Model

4; NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) TOOLS; Re-coding Your Emotional Memory, Restructuring Your Feelings, Changing Your Negative Self Talk, Anchoring

5; EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE; What is Emotional Intelligence, Identifying Emotions and Nonverbal Communication

6; GROWTH MINDSET AND TRUE CONFIDENCE; Develop a Mindset of Confidence (Growth Mindset), Developing a Growth Mindset Part 1: Awareness, Developing a Growth Mindset Part 2: Perspective, Developing a Growth Mindset Part 3: Action

7; DEVELOPING AWARENESS AND MINDFULNESS; Developing Self-Awareness, Present Moment Awareness, Present Moment Process (Mindfulness)

8; EMPOWERING THINKING AND SELF-TALK; Reframing Negative Situations, Developing Awareness of Self-Talk, Uncovering the Lies, Eliminate Excuses (Say “No” to “But”)

9; EMPOWERING EMOTIONS; Thoughts Create Emotions, Momentum: Stopping It Early, Situational vs Psychological Fear

10; EMPOWERING BELIEFS; Understanding Schemas, Conditioned Beliefs, Identifying Hidden Beliefs, Questioning Beliefs, Changing Beliefs (The Table Leg Method)

11; DECISION MAKING AND TAKING ACTION; Overcoming Indecision, Overcoming Inaction with the 5-Second Rule and the Pain/Pleasure Principle

12; OVERCOMING FEAR OF CHANGE, FAILURE AND RISK; Overcoming Fear of Change, The Change Resume, Fear Setting Activity.

13; PASSION AND PURPOSE; Discovering Passions and Interests, Stop Trying to “Discover Your Passion”!

14; REWRITING YOUR LIFE STORY; Identifying Your Life Movie Script (Part 1), Rewriting Your Life Movie Script (Part 2), Making Life Changes that Reflect Your New Story

The above online program can be done any time and at your own pace, by clicking picture below for low cost of $297 AUD. Each week we send you the next module, and in just weeks notice your life start moving forwards to new outcomes.

The step by step / coaching of the above program can only be done after a free 15 minute Strategy Call to see if can help you/ work together with the program, you get a weekly strategy call to see how you are going plus extra tools to help your needs

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