frequencies Healing

Why Frequencies Healing

All things are frequencies/energy and so are we

Frequency is sometimes call vibration, whatever you would like to call it. I use my electronic background to help the body balance and heal by using different frequency in different areas.

How Do I Do Treatments?

I start by scanning your Chakras then check for low energy areas, once this done ask if your have any ares of concern then start treatment of low energy areas and balance your chakras

This can be done by applying the correct frequency/vibration on that area/s or chakra. Different frequency can have different healing properties and can be applied in different ways

I used my electronic background and have mix healing frequencies sounds with music for when in treatment

Sometime I use signing bowls for their frequencies and sounds

Crystals and colour therapy is sometimes use also


Appointments are from 30 minutes and up at $2 per minute

Booking are done on our Facebook page click here to book

Come see what it can do for You

Food also have a frequency/vibration which can help raise the energy for that area so can colours which will advise for your on going self help

We also have some self help Frequency Meditations MP3s done with music to help you on journey Enjoy

Plus we have some great crystals for sale and information on how to use them.

Also Crystals have been used and revered since the dawn of humankind

Click on the picture to be taken to our crystals website

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