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Hi my name is Glen

I  Can Help Get Your Life Back In Balance And Harmony

I enjoy seeing the transformation in people when they leave the past behind them and get their Life back in Harmony and Balance

I here to empower/ teach you to do self healing so you can help yourself when needed or I can do it for you one to one

I have a big interest in health and have try lots of different things (which has worked). I found for long term help it always comes back to how we think. So I looked into our type thinking, I found hypnotherapy is a great way to help us think more long term as stay on track.  Hypnotherapy is a great quick way of fixing people problems  and can help with  anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, pain, insomnia and unwanted habits such as smoking and more.

Also I found hypnotherapy  is one of the best ways to activate your  natural healing processes of your body and restore physical well-being.

Learn and do mindfulness and meditation these are great tools to have too. Lots of people have trouble with this, the whole purpose is to get your conscious mind out the way and let your subconscious do its thing in the background.

The old saying “sleep on it” and when you wake up you have an answer to a problem, it’s because your subconscious had time without your conscious mind in the way, so it could come up with the answers.

I have completed an IICT and ASCH approved certificate courses in Conversation Therapy plus Level 1, level 2 and Masters in Hypnotherapy.

Also I am a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

I now work from home so I can give you the time needed without deadlines of time.

I aim to give you friendly, quality service with great after sale service.

You are important to me and I love getting into why you have your problem ( its always so interesting!) I would  love to hear from you!

I am in Shailer Park Brisbane  (Australia) and also do mobile service.

Got a question? Please give me a call or  Email  by clicking here


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Payments should be made before or at time of service,  special arrangement can be made.


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Your Life Your Way