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First of all, we all have problems, this is normal

Talking to friends and family in most cases can leave you feeling worse and can leave you thinking you have no options

Talking to someone who is trained to help is also normal.  A trained person knows how to open up your options for you and how to say it

Most of our problems (mind and body), come in some way from the subconscious

Your subconscious can keep you locked in the bad habits and block you from healing no matter how hard you try

If your subconscious likes to go left and your conscious mind  likes to go right, your subconscious will win at some point.

So its very important to have them both working together!

Changing your subconscious thinking can change your health and your wealth, if you just let it.

Your subconscious is here to protect and help you, but sometimes it does get it wrong.  Your subconscious could be using an event from years ago which is no good to you now.

Everything you are thinking is affecting cells in your body. Science has confirmed it, letting go of past or present hurts can start the healing processes.

I use Conversation Hypnotherapy to find the underlining reasons why you keep having the problem.

Evidence: Hypnotherapy has been clinically tested with good results for helping people.

Conversation Hypnotherapy is a  great and fun way of  talking to the real you which helps people become more aware of their inner thoughts. This helps overcome mental blocks that have previously stopped them from dealing with the problem like anxiety, fear, low self-esteem, pain, insomnia and unwanted habits such as smoking etc.

 Hypnotherapy  has come a long way since the latter decades of the twentieth century, when it came into it’s own around the world.

With Conversation Hypnotherapy you have control, you are aware all the time and this is how you learn what your subconscious is thinking so you and your  subconscious can work together!

 Conversation Hypnotherapy is new and cutting edge and can normally fix the problem in One sitting.

  Conversation Hypnotherapy is great for weight loss, anxiety, removing limiting beliefs, quitting smoking etc.

Is Conversation Hypnotherapy right for you?

When you are ready for change, even if you fill stick Hypnotherapy can help

All new people get 10 minutes Free to talk to me, to see if this is right for you.

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 I am  in Shailer Park, Brisbane  (Australia)

I  also do mobile service. (call out fees apply for different areas)

Treatments can also be done using  Skype.

What to expect with Hypnotherapy?

I will take a case history and then lead you into a relaxed state. Being in a relaxed state allows your subconscious to focus on your treatment goals, which then become much more achievable for your conscious mind

You will discover how to have your subconscious and conscious mind working together and at the same time discover more about Yourself

I will guide you to unlock Your subconscious answers,  in a fun relaxing way and at the same time learn more about yourself, its easy and fun anyone can do it

I am the person you wished you had talked to years ago about your problem

My goal is to fix the problem in One sitting.

What is it costing you with your problem each day, each week, each year?

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I look forward  to working through your problems with you and get Your Life back in Harmony and Balance

Now imagine  what it would be like to have that  problem gone!

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